Mulch & Bark Chips

At BV Lawn Services & Landscaping can provide and Service at lowest cost in Denver Metro Area. Mulch is defined as an aesthetic ground covering. Not only are wood mulches considered a ground covering, but also stones such as Riverwash Stone. Mulch has a vital role to fill. It retains soil moisture by reducing evaporation, allowing for less watering maintenance. The layers of mulch create an excellent weed barrier. Soil erosion is controlled as the mulch takes the beating from the sun, wind, and rain. Mulch also maintains adequate soil temperatures during the cold winters and hot summers.
Wood mulches are derived from debarking cut trees. The stripped bark is processed through a grinder and shredded. Due to the variability of the tree types, bark mulches fluctuate, each having their own individual effect. Some mulches provide the soil with nutrients, slowly releasing the nutrients as the mulch decomposes. An excellent soil conditioner and a must have on your landscaping list!