Fertilizers We Use

To keep your lawn green, growing and looking good, fertilization is essential. Regular Fertilization will lead to thicker healthier lawn that will be less likely to suffer from weed, insect and disease problems when it's fertilized on a regular basis. ​

​Super Crop

Fast acting Super Crop 20-20-10 is blended with all the primary nutrients needed to jump start your lawn. Super Crop is formulated with 20% soluble Urea nitrogen for growth and color, 20% phosphate for root growth and seedling establishment, and 10% soluble potash that helps fight disease and drought stress. Super crop is perfect for lawns where growth and rapid recovery is paramount.

HJ 20-5-10 Weed & Feed

Keep your lawn beautiful this season with Howard Johnson Professional Weed and Feed Fertilizer. 20%Nitrogen ,5%Potassium 10%Phosphorus Controls a wide variety of weeds while making your lawn lush.


Revive is an organic-based soil treatment made from a combination of soil wetting agents, natural organic lignosulfonates and iron. Revive allows water to penetrate deeper into hard-to-wet soils, even through thatch and mat. Revive helps save water and solves problems associated with hard, dry, compact soils and the additional iron helps thicken and turn your lawn dark green.